Barthy and his white Maine-Coon and European Short-hair cat named Mew

Barthélémy Bonhomme
(Barthy [baaʁti])

Pronouns: He/Him (Er/Ihm)
Born in France in the summer of 1994
Located in Köln & Asbach (Westerwald)

I'm a passionate software engineer and developer. I love to learn and focus on improving.
My goal in any project is to create expandable, maintainable and efficient software.

Technology and computers are at the core of my work, life, and hobbies. I strive to be a part of open-source development and technological progress.

Respect the cognitive endurance of coworkers and your future self. Clean-up, don't overcomplicate, aim for readability over brevity.
— Unknown

Curriculum Vitae

since 05/2023

Senior Web Developer@ grandcentrix GmbH


  • Requirements engineering
  • Frontend development
  • Unit, functional and E2E testing
  • Interdisciplinary exchange and planning
  • Coaching and supporting junior developers

Head of Development@ VUCX GmbH


  • Requirements engineering & choice of technologies
  • Coaching of junior and intermediate level developers
    (team of 2-3 + external freelancers)
  • Consulting of Clients and third-party agencies
  • Full-stack development
  • QA duties
  • DevOps duties
  • Sysadmin duties

Project Types:

  • Custom CMS, SRM, CRM applications for medium to big datasets (Symfony, API Platform w/ JSON-LD, Vue.js 2, Vue.js 3)
  • Platforms with user-generated content
  • APIs and search engines
  • Landing pages and design implementations
  • Hybrid app development
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Web Developer@ Freelance

  • Consulting
  • 3D and VR hosting solutions
  • Hosting & maintenance
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Open Source Development@ Home

  • Remote Control System for Interactive Web-3D and Web-XR
  • Symfony Bundles
  • JS Libraries
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Bachelor of Science@ TH Köln (part-time)

Degree program:Technishe Informatik // Technical computer science
Specialization:Entwicklung komplexer Softwaresysteme // Development of complex software systems

Working Student Web Development@ VUCX GmbH (part-time)

  • Development of internal projects (Symfony)
  • Development of custom CMS solutions
  • Implementation of designs (front-end)
  • Hosting & maintenance

Founder and Developer@ (charitable music project)

The project "" exchanged music album of underground artists for donations to "Doctors without Borders". During the course of the project, we have collected and donated around 5.000€.

  • Development of custom CMS for Album uploads and management
  • Development of browsing, streaming and downloads website
  • Landingpages for events
  • Production of artist profile videos
  • Organization of a festival
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Web Development@ Freelance

  • Consulting
  • Custom CMS development
  • Design implementation
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Voluntary service@ Alexianer Werkstätten GmbH

  • Support and assistance in a workshop for vocational rehabilitation
  • Production and documentation of industrial component production for igus® GmbH, Miele & Cie. KG

before 2013

Abitur + Baccalauréat@ Gymnasium Kreuzgasse

I acquired both the German and French graduations. Advanced courses in physics and french.

Tech Stack & Knowledge

A mostly complete list of things.

General Development Skills

  • Abstract understanding of programming languages and frameworks
  • Fast reading and understanding of documentation and forums
  • Knowledge and experience across the full web technology stack
  • The urge to learn it all
  • Linting, code quality tools and package managers
  • Unit-, integration-, and functional testing
  • Reviews & constructive criticism
  • Accessibility and inclusivity considerations
  • Website and XSS security considerations
  • Performance considerations
  • Technical SEO

Core Technologies

Senior Level
  • Symfony // + ecosystem, e.g. Doctrine, Twig, API Platform, …
  • Vue.js 2 + 3 // + ecosystem, e.g. pinia, router, …
  • TypeScript
  • Vanilla JS since ES2016
  • Node.js
  • SCSS with aBEM // leaning toward using as much native CSS as possible. Yay CSS variables!
  • Shell-Scripting (Bash)
  • Linux // Ubuntu preferred for desktop & servers
  • Relational databases & SQL
  • git (CLI)
Intermediate Level
  • Three.js
  • React.js
  • Webpack, rollup.js
  • Docker, docker-compose
  • GitHub Actions CI/CD
  • GitLab CI/CD Platform
  • Terraform
  • Secure cloud- and webhosting
  • Apache Solr

Infrequent Use Only

  • // Always with Vue.js
  • React Native
  • Next.js
  • Nuxt.js
  • Python
  • Go
  • Java
  • // loads more over the years

Personal Use Only

  • C // microcontroller projects e.g. motorized IKEA lamp
  • C++ // VST audio plugin development

Other Software skills:

  • Ableton Live & audio production // experienced hobbyist
  • Blender modelling, animation, simulation & rendering // hobbyist
  • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom // hobbyist
  • Figma // designing, prototyping, implementation
  • Adobe XD // designing, prototyping, implementation


French (native)// born in France
German (native)// raised in Germany
English (C1)// daily use in work environments since 2014
Spanish (A1)// dónde está la biblioteca

Freelance Work & Projects

Freelance projekts with custom Content-Management-System (CMS) written in Symfony PHP, Vue.js, and vanilla tools.

Open Source Projects

Scroll-Snap Slider

Demo of Scroll-Snap-Slider

JavaScript enhanced scroll-snapping used for sliders/carousels.

The goal is to not repeat myself when implementing simple sliders, but also not use one of the huge libraries out there.

Technologies: TypeScript, ES Modules and Classes

See DemoGithub

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